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Henan Recycling Technology, the advocate of China’s recycling industry. For more than 30 years, it has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of resource recycling equipment, industrial waste disposal, non-ferrous metal sorting and recycling equipment, and provided professional solutions and mature supporting products to create value for customers.

We are a Worldwide Manufacturing Group that offer Consultation, Turnkey Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Equipment, Environmental and Recycling Equipment, OEM/OE Production Systems and Parts, Contract Engineering Design and Consultation, Domestic and Worldwide Sales and Marketing Services, Domestic and International OEM/OE Manufacturing Services, Import and Export Consultation and Coordination Services, and Strategic Planning, Appraisal Services, Equipment Location Services, Acquisition and Liquidation Services, Product Liability Evaluation Services, Product Design Evaluation Services.

We are the Original Owners and Inventors of the Saturn Shredder, EidalShear Shredder and SSI International Shredder Lines. We are the Secondary Owner/Supplier of Eidal&ZZS Vertical Shredder Lines,Duerr Wood Chipper, Tool Barn Wood Chipper, Techwood Wood Chipper, Cougar Wood Chipper and Machete Wood Chipper Lines. We provide Engineering, Parts and Service for all waste processing type shredding and processing equipment.


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As part of our continuing design and engineering program, we reserves the right to make changes at any time in materials, models, specifications and prices without prior, written notice or obligation. All Equipment is offered subject to prior sale or disposition and written confirmation prior to acceptance of offer from Buyer. All Orders and Services are accepted only according to a Liability Release, General Terms and Conditions Policy, provided with all orders, additional copies available upon request. Scanning of our computer systems are not authorized and is considered a violation of our constitutional and legal rights.

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