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Scrap Metal Recycling Line

Feed width:1600mm

Production capacity:15-20t/h

In the scrap processing industry, scrap not only has a wide variety, but also has uneven impurity content, so it is difficult to deal with. The emergence of scrap crusher enables different kinds of materials, whether you are angle steel, channel steel, scrap steel, scrap angle iron, or steel pipe, steel bar and profile, to realize reasonable crushing and reprocessing of scrap steel through the powerful capacity of scrap crusher.

System Introduction

Scrap Metal Recycling Line is a processing method that uses a crusher to crush the waste metal, then uses a sorting system to sort the crushed metal, and finally obtains pure and high-quality metal. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of high-speed and large torque motor, the rotor on the crusher blows the waste metal moving into the chamber in turn with the hammer. Under the strong impact, the waste metal is torn and extruded into broken metal of a certain specification. Finally, it is processed by the sorting equipment to obtain high-quality metal with high purity.

Industrial Application of Scrap Metal Recycling Line


Product advantages

  • 1.The smelting cycle of scrap crushed by crusher is relatively short

    The smelting cycle of the scrap crushed by the crusher is relatively short, the crushed steel is uniform, and can be smelted quickly; After processing, the chemical composition of molten steel after smelting is stable and contains low sulfur and phosphorus.

  • 2.The recovery rate of crushed steel is greatly increased compared with that before crushing

    Compared with that before crushing, the recovery rate of crushed steel is greatly improved. Due to the crushing work in the early stage, the smelting process becomes simple, and the power consumption cost per ton of molten steel is greatly reduced.

  • 3.Reduced air pollution during crushing

    The crushing process reduces impurities, so as to reduce air pollution and slag; Uniform crushing of steel can effectively increase the lining time in the furnace.

Industrial Application of Scrap Metal Recycling Line

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Inlet width(mm) Average capacity(t)
SCL400 315 1200 4-6
SCL500 400 1400 6-8
SCL600 450 1600 8-12
SCL800 600 1800 10-15
SCL1000 750 2200 15-20
SCL1200 900 2200 20-25

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