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Introduction of Henan Recycling Technology

Henan Recycling Technology Co.,Ltd is an entity enterprise taken the technological innovation and social responsibility as the driving force. Henan Recycling Technology focuses on intelligent environmental protection technology and research, development, production, sales and service of solid waste recycling and crushing equipments,we provide intelligent, scientific, professional solution for the global customer. Since Henan Recycling Technology has always been in the intelligent field of continuous exploration, innovation, with a mature product system and extensive market recognition, out of an intelligent upgrading road. In the future, Henan Recycling Technology will continue to work in the global market to further expand the brand influence, to provide global customers with more quality, efficient, professional intelligent solutions.


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Science achieves classics

Henan Recycling Technology has always focused on science and technology, worked in intelligent cloud services and intelligent monitoring systems and other research areas for many years, relying on excellent R & D strength and team strength to occupy the leading position in the industry, To help tens of thousands of enterprises and individuals enjoy the dividends of recycling resources. At present, in the field of intelligent monitoring, intelligent shredding field, intelligent dust control and other core business market competition, with absolute leading edge, the global market potential is huge.

Strength determines height

Henan Recycling Technology domestic factories has a CNC machining center with 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 11 meters CNC machining tools, CNC lathes, precision milling machine, precision drilling machine, precision grinding machine, laser cutting machine, welding machine, tapping machine and other complete machining equipment. All more than 100 units machining equipment can produce all complete parts, matching with advanced heat treatment process; it provides the guarantee for the high precision machining and mass production of the shredders.

Service achieves brand

Service achieves brand

Henan Recycling Technology takes to the concept of full-service, put customer needs to the first, from pre-sales communication to record customer needs, technical consultation, site survey, material testing, equipment selection, design overall plan, visit the working site, to provide drawings to guide construction, project progress real-time tracking, packaging delivery guidance installation, debugging equipment training workers, equipment acceptance of customer filing, and then to 7X24 hours of telephone support, remote diagnosis site maintenance, one year warranty maintenance, optimized equipment record file, high quality accessories fast supply, full process, deep service system has become the brand label of Henan Recycling Technology Co.,Ltd.

Enterprise culture


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