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High temperature resistant vibration feeding equipment delivered to the recycled aluminum industry


The company recently delivered a new high-temperature resistant stainless steel plate vibrating feeder. This equipment has a screening function and is specially designed for the feeding device of carb…

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Second Central Plains (Zhengzhou) International Aluminum Industry Exhibition Commences


Zhengzhou, October 25, 2023 - The Second Central Plains (Zhengzhou) International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened on October 25 at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Thi…

Zhong Recycling: Your Partner in Sustainable Resource Recovery


"In today's world, resource recycling and utilization have become critical tasks, and Henan  Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of this field. We offer comprehensive resource recovery …

Solid Waste Recycling and Utilization Moscow Exhibition Concluded Successfully


Returning Home and Preparing for Meetings After the exhibition concluded, representatives from Zhong Recycling Technology returned home with a wealth of achievements. They brought back valuable experi…

Further promote the “integration of two modernizations” and create new advantages


"Integration of industrialization and industrialization" refers to the process of combining industrial production with the application of information technology, that is, through the wide ap…

Wisdom makes resources regenerate. Visit the headquarters of Henan zzs


"In China Renewable Technology Corporation, we take it as our duty to regenerate the wisdom of resources," wisdom "represents expertise, skills and technology," wisdom "repres…

Promote the renewable resources industry to a new level: zzs has been working hard


At a time when the construction of the the Belt and Road in China is in full swing, many people in the industry are full of doubts and expectations about how the manufacturing industry and renewable r…

Customer revenue — the key “keyword” of ZZS


Profit, profit, sales volume... And so on. These seemingly "positive" words contain different meanings. For machinery manufacturers, this is the best. However, for customers, there is uncert…

China’s commitment to green development


On April 26,2018, the Eleven International Symposium on metal recycling applications in China and the sixth and Third General Meeting of the China Scrap Steel Application Association were held at the …


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