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Radiator Recycling Line

Feed width:1100x1100mm

Production capacity:15t/h

Vsc4 series is widely used in the field of medium and fine crushing of high hardness and irregular materials. It is popular in the crushing of non-ferrous metal recovery. Compared with other types of crushers, it has hiah output and efficiency. The discharging particle size of the vertical crusher can be adiusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the wear of hammer head and lining plate;There is no screen bar setting to ensure the smooth removal of materials that are difficult to handle and will not cause equipment damage

System Introduction

The Radiator Recycling Line is mainly composed of shredder, crusher, magnetic separator and specific gravity separator. It is usually used to treat copper pipe and aluminum foil waste. These waste materials are usually formed after fine disassembly of waste air conditioning water tank and automobile water tank. The copper content of copper pipe can generally reach more than 97%, reaching the standard of grade I waste copper. The physical crushing and sorting method is adopted. The materials can be roughly crushed by the primary crusher, and then finely crushed by the secondary crusher. The crushed materials are sorted out by the magnetic separator, and then air separated by the air separator. Finally, copper, aluminum, iron and other metals are completely separated.

Industrial Application of Radiator Recycling Line


Product advantages

  • 1.Automatic reverse control system

    Vsc4 series vertical crushers are equipped with an automatic reverse control system: the electrical part of the vertical crusher is equipped with an overload automatic reverse control system, which can protect the equipment after the equipment is overloaded, reduce the probability of equipment damage due to overload, improve the degree of use, and extend the service life of the equipment to a certain extent.

  • 2.The aperture of the screen can be customized

    The aperture of the screen of the vertical crusher can be customized: the aperture size of the screen of the vertical crusher can be customized according to the requirements of users. The equipment adopts special durable rotor disc, unique design, thickened cast steel material, and is heat treated to save power, increase stability, wear resistance, impact resistance and durability.

  • 3.Low operation cost and stable performance

    The vertical crusher has low operation cost and stable performance: the crushed materials from the vertical crusher pass through the vibration conveyor, belt conveyor and magnetic separation system to separate ferrous metal objects, non-ferrous metal objects and non-metallic objects, and are sent out by their respective conveyors for stacking.

Industrial Application of Scrap Metal Recycling Line

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Cylinder diameter(mm) Size(mm)
VSC4-1200 160-250 1100X1200 1380 3300X4300X5100
VSC4-1600 250-315 1100×1600 1700 4400X2300X6000

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