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DS32 Series Twin Shaft Shredder

Application areas:

Metal drum / Metal frame / Metal scrapPlastic drum / Plastic frame / Plastic palletWood scrap / wood palletWaste paper / cardboard cartonE-wasteAluminum scraps, Aluminum profileWaste rubber, waste tireHousehold wasteIndustrial waste

Introduction du produit

DS32 series is one of the most popular fine crushing equipment in China renewable technology. According to the nature of waste materials and different process requirements, different types of equipment can be combined together, with strong applicability and high production efficiency, so as to meet the different process requirements of customers. DS32 series shredder adopts the symmetrical design structure of double knife rollers. Waste materials can naturally fall into the crushing area of the cutter group through the feeding bin, and each chip cutter roll can be fed automatically at an even speed without the need for a pushing device.

Product advantages

  • 1.20% less power than other shredding SM.

    The blade is a meshing blade refined from high alloy, which has a good crusher for high hardness materials. Adjust the size of discharge screen according to customer requirements to ensure that the crushing size meets customer requirements. With the reduction motor drive, it can save 20% power than other shredding SM.

  • 2.The intelligent monitoring system improves the processing efficiency and production capacity.

    The shredder adopts continuous and mass crushing treatment, and the intelligent monitoring system improves the processing efficiency and production capacity. It is stable without too much noise, and the foundation is installed with low noise. The tool is linked with the pin shaft, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement; The tool has strong wear and corrosion resistance, long service life, strong structure, and densely distributed stiffeners to ensure the strength of the box.

  • 3.Equipped with magnetic separation equipment and strong magnetic drum separator

    It is equipped with magnetic separation equipment and adopts a strong magnetic drum separator to separate the non-ferrous gold and iron metals contained in the materials; Reduce noise and dust, good crushing and reliable operation; Configure dust suppression device to optimize workshop working environment.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Total Weight(t) Size(mm)
DS3280 22+22/4 844X844 5 3290X1300X2260

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