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DS46 Series Twin Shaft Shredder

Application areas:

Metal drum / Metal frame / Metal scrapPlastic drum / Plastic frame / Plastic palletWood scrap / wood palletWaste paper / cardboard cartonE-wasteAluminum scraps, Aluminum profileWaste rubber, waste tireHousehold wasteIndustrial waste

Introduction du produit

Ds46 series shredder features low speed, high torque, high productivity, strong power, high stability, large shear force, good shredding effect and low noise,The blades on the two shafts cut each other to complete the requirements for tearing up materials. The size of the torn material is related to the thickness and number of teeth of the torn blade. The thinner the blade, the smaller the size of the broken material. The more the number of teeth, the shorter the length of the torn material.Since the high-level blade can assist in crushing and grasping materials, it is easier for materials to enter the cutter box, and no additional pressing mechanism is required. It is equipped with a screen that can be sieved and quickly replaced, and the material size can be adjusted according to the screen aperture. It can be said to be powerful and widely used.

Product advantages

  • 1.Integral cutter box

    The integral cutter box is designed and processed as a whole, with high mechanical strength, high stability and reliability; The cutter box is divided into upper and lower parts, which is convenient for overhaul and maintenance and shortens the downtime. The overall annealing treatment eliminates the prestress caused by welding, which is not easy to deform after long-term use, with better comprehensive performance and longer service life.

  • 2.Imported alloy cutting tools

    The tool is made of imported alloy steel, with high wear resistance and moderate toughness. It is processed by high-precision machine tools, with significantly improved mechanical properties and greatly extended service life. The tool can be repaired by surfacing for many times to save the use cost and prolong the service life.

  • 3.Dual drive option

    Dual three-phase asynchronous motor + dual planetary reducer drive and hydraulic motor drive are available. The motor + reducer is connected by German standard spline, with stable torque transmission, high precision and good guidance, giving the equipment strong power; Hydraulic drive, stepless speed change, strong material adaptability.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Total Weight(t) Size(mm)
DS46100 55+55/6 1090X1080 8 5400X2000X2730
DS46120 75+75/6 1210X1080 17.5 5520X2000X2730
DS46150 90+90/6 1570X1080 18 5880X2000X2730

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