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SC1614 Metal Hammer Mill

Application areas:

Metal Chips Scrap Steel Raw Aluminum Hardware Scrap Home Appliances Cooked Aluminum

Introduction du produit

Sc1614 crusher is usually used to process some civil waste copper and iron. Most of these materials are light and thin materials. These materials have uneven quality, complex material composition, easy oxidation and rust, and high sulfur content. Sc1614 crusher can crush, remove impurities, rust and sort these waste metal materials, so as to improve the recovery rate and increase the added value of materials.

Product advantages

  • 1.The fuselage adopts the reinforced structure of extra thick steel plate and diagonal bracing

    The equipment body adopts the reinforced structure of extra thick steel plate and diagonal brace to ensure that the equipment can meet the overload operation; The lining plate and hammer head are processed by heat treatment, so the stress is naturally removed, the chemical composition is more stable, and the service time is increased by more than 30%;

  • 2The pressing device can pre compress the material

    The pressing device pre compresses the materials, expands the feeding range and improves the production efficiency. The door shall be set. After the non breakable materials enter the crushing chamber, the user can open the door and discharge them out of the machine body to avoid damaging the crusher.

  • 3.PLC control system and hydraulic power system

    The hydraulic cover opening device saves time, labor and effort in replacement and maintenance; PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production saves time and effort, and the equipment operation is clear at a glance.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Inlet width(mm) Average capacity(t)
SC1614 315-500 1600 6-10

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