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SC7080 Metal Hammer Mill

Application areas:

Metal Chips Scrap Steel Raw Aluminum Hardware Scrap Home Appliances Cooked Aluminum

Introduction du produit

SC7080 crusher is a small crushing equipment developed by China renewable technology. It is mainly used to process thin-walled containers such as cans, paint barrels, computer hard disks and small materials. The equipment integrates crushing, magnetic separation and dust removal. It can remove impurities, improve the stacking density and unify the material type, so as to achieve the purpose of fine material feeding into the furnace.

Product advantages

  • 1.Convenient operation

    The crushed material particles are uniform, easy to put into the furnace, and the water yield is high during smelting.

  • 2.Meet the diversified needs of customers.

    The discharge particle size can be adjusted by changing the sieve plates with different pore sizes to meet the diversified needs of customers.

  • 3.Impact resistance and wear resistance

    The hammer head and lining plate made of alloy casting are impact resistant and wear-resistant, with low production cost. A cleaning position is reserved for cleaning and maintenance inside the crusher.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Inlet width(mm) Average capacity(t)
SC7080 37 800 0.8-1

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