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VSC1000 Vertical crusher

Application areas:

RadiatorMotor rotorUBC baleAluminium profilesEngine blockGlassWeeeScrap steel

Introduction du produit

Vsc1000 vertical crusher adopts the resource recovery equipment for harmless treatment by physical methods to transport the manually pre sorted waste motor stator, wire package and other materials to the primary crushing and secondary crushing through the conveyor; Then the metal mixture is sorted out by the strong magnetic roller sorting machine; Then, the metal mixture is conveyed to the crusher by the conveyor for further crushing and refining to obtain products with high purity, and then conveyed to the air separator by the conveyor for sorting to obtain copper particles with high purity and a small amount of sundries.

Product advantages

  • 1.Improved feed structure and crushing device

    Vsc1000 has completely improved the feeding structure and crushing device of the crusher, which can adapt to a wider range of materials and has high disposal efficiency, making the crushed materials easy to store, transport and supply on a large scale.

  • 2.Chain plate intelligent feeding

    The system adopts chain plate intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor to make the feeding more smooth, avoid idling, and greatly improve the crushing efficiency. It is the preferred equipment in the regeneration industry.

  • 3.High dust reduction efficiency, green and environmental protection.

    The vsc1000 adopts a complete set of uniform conveying device for intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor, so as to realize intelligent feeding adjustment, make the feeding more smooth and greatly increase the output. The intelligent dust reduction system configured in the system can reduce dust specifically for each dust point, with high dust reduction efficiency and green environmental protection.

Technical Parameter

Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Cylinder diameter(mm) Size(mm)
VSC-1000 55-75 270X380 1000 2700X1160X2000

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