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Introduction of Biomass

Déchets encombrants

Biomass includes all plants, microorganisms, plant-fed animals and microorganisms and the waste from their production. Representative biomasses are such as crops, crop waste, wood, wood waste and animal manure.
Narrow concept: biomass mainly refers to lignocellulose such as straw, trees, etc., in agricultural and forestry production processes, waste from agro-industrial enterprises, agricultural and forestry waste and animal manure in animal production processes.
Features: renewability; low pollution; widespread distribution.

Biomass Application

Straw and agricultural residues: straw, shells and residues from the processing of agricultural by-products, etc.
Logging and processing residues: piles, branches, roots, leaves and other forestry waste such as particles, sawdust and various tree shavings.

Biomass grinding process

Système de traitement des déchets déchiqueteurs encombrants

Biomass recommended equipment

Biomass Case

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