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Introduction of Garbage

Déchets encombrants

Household waste means solid waste generated in daily life or in activities providing services of daily living, solid waste considered as household waste by law and administrative regulations. Generally, it can be divided into four categories: recyclable waste, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other waste.

Application of Garbage

Recyclable waste includes paper, metal, plastic, glass, etc.
Chicken waste includes food scraps such as vegetable scraps, bones, roots and leaves.
Harmful waste includes used batteries, used fluorescent lamps, a mercurialthermometer, expired medications, etc.
Other trash includes bricks, ceramics, mud, toilet paper, and other hard-to-recycle trash.

Garbage shredding process

Système de traitement des déchets déchiqueteurs encombrants

Household waste recommended equipment

Case of household waste

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