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eddy current separator

Application areas:

Waste non-ferrous metal copper aluminum zinc

Introduction du produit

The non-ferrous metal eddy current separator is designed based on the principle that the conductor can generate induced current in the high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The permanent magnet neodymium iron boron is used as the source of the alternating magnetic field, and the eddy current force generated is used to separate metal and non-metal. At the same time, the frequency converter is used to change the rotation frequency, which can produce eddy current with different effects, so as to achieve better separation effect.

Product advantages

  • 1.The device is easy to operate

    The equipment is simple to operate, which can automatically separate metal and non-metal. The single power supply design makes the system compact and reliable.

  • 2.Separable metal particles have a large span

    The separable metal particles have a large span, generally 2mm ² The above solid waste materials can be sorted, and the equipment installation is convenient. The model of the equipment can be provided according to the needs of customers, and can also be connected with new and existing production lines.

  • 3.Multiple models available

    Eddy current separator uses high rare earth permanent magnet system, which has low energy consumption and convenient maintenance. Materials with different particle sizes can be sorted according to different rotation directions of rotors, and a variety of models are available for selection.

Technical Parameter

Model Drum volume(L) Drum length(mm) Overall dimension(mm) Motor(kw)
GTS 35 900 4158x1025x1352 4

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