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Roller screen

Application areas:

Sand making, gravel, stone, mineral processing, milling, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry

Introduction du produit

Roller screen is a kind of beneficiation equipment that carries out classification treatment according to the particle size of materials. It is generally used for classification and screening of medium and fine materials. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple and flexible process layout. It can be widely used in product classification of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry and other industries, especially suitable for classification and screening of ceramsite. The roller screen has strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength, reliable operation, low noise and convenient maintenance. It can screen ore particles, wood block particles, glass particles, quartz particles and other materials.

Product advantages

  • 1.Transmission system and device of drum screen

    The transmission system of drum screen mainly includes motor, belt transmission, reducer, coupling, etc., which is stable, reliable and noise free. The roller device mainly includes roller, bearing support, screen, strip, etc; Among them, the drum is inclined, and its support adopts the overall through shaft structure, which has high overall strength and rigidity to ensure the smooth operation of the drum.

  • 2.Screens and racks

    The screen is fixed by batten, and it is easy to change the screen; According to the characteristics of screened materials, the fully enclosed structure (with enclosure, no dust pollution) or open structure can be selected. The frame is welded integrally, with compact structure and high reliability.

  • 3.Equipped with comb type screen cleaning mechanism

    The feeding inlet can be designed according to the actual situation on site. Whether it is belt, hopper or other feeding methods, it can feed smoothly without taking special measures. The equipment can be equipped with a comb type screening mechanism. During the screening process, no matter how dirty and miscellaneous the materials entering the screening cylinder are, they can be screened, thus improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.

Technical Parameter

Model roller diameter(mm) roller length(mm) Overall dimension(mm) Motor(kw)
GTS 800 900 5230x1800x2550 4

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