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Q91Y-360 Guillotine shear

Application areas:

Metal, iron sheet, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron sheet, light and thin materials, iron and steel, color steel tile, scrap steel, scrap iron, aluminum alloy, channel steel, angle steel, angle iron, copper plate, metal plate, aluminum profile, scrap steel bar, aluminum plate, iron plate, steel plate, round steel, scrap metal

Introduction du produit

The gantry hydraulic shears have a compact structure, and the body is welded into a box structure with steel plates, with stable mechanical performance. The shear cylinder adopts ball joint connection, which improves the stability and service life of the cylinder, increases the front plate guide device, and improves the stress condition of the whole machine. It adopts electro-hydraulic control, which is simple to operate and can realize inching and linkage automatic circulation. It is one of the ideal equipment for metal recycling industry and furnace charge processing in foundry workshop. Application scope of gantry shear: it is used for cutting various metal plates. It is an ideal equipment for furnace charge treatment in steel rolling plants, non-ferrous metal plants and smelting plants。

Product advantages

  • 1.The motor adopts programmable controller as required

    The motor adopts programmable controller as required, the hydraulic system adopts advanced cartridge valve or slide valve system for control, and the hydraulic machine implements centralized button operation.

  • 2.It can be adjusted according to the process needs

    The pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of the process, and can complete the two process modes of pressing and shaping and shearing. Hydraulic drive is adopted, which is easy to operate and maintain.

  • 3.The gantry shear has low wear to the machine when in use

    The gantry shear has low wear to the machine when in use, which makes it still work normally after long-term operation, and it is easy to maintain in case of failure, not to mention the low probability of failure.

Technical Parameter

Model Maximum shear force(T) Cutting length(mm) Shear frequency(min) Motor(kw)
Q91Y-360 160 600 6-10 18.5

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