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Henan Recycling Technology – 2018 China Recycling Conference

post time:2022-04-01

On December 9th, 2018, China Recycling Resources Conference was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The leaders of the National People's Congress Environmental Protection Committee, China Materials Recycling Association, and some other 20 enterprises leads ,totally more 500pepole attend this conference. 
Mr. Li Zhiqiang as Chairman of Henan Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the conference for two days.


He conduct in-depth discussions on various foresight topics such as the latest policies in the field of recycling, interpretation of trends at home and abroad, intelligent manufacturing, application of new technologies, and integration of new industrial. Explore and communicate.
On the two times roundtables, Mr. Li Zhiqiang and other corporate leaders respectively launched  and depth commnuication the theme of “Internet + 'value change brought to the renewable resources industry” and “new normal" of the "economy”, China's renewable equipment will  bring  a new enthusiasm.
On the award ceremony,"Henan Recycling Technology Co.,Ltd" prize for the outstanding contribution on the recycling industrial.


With the promotion and implementation of the national “One Belt, One Road” policy, relying on the Internet, more enterprises in the field of renewable resources will participate, enhance the innovation and productivity of the real economy, build a solid bridge for the Internet + renewable resources industry, and promote Cooperation at home and abroad creates more favorable conditions, and truly promotes the sustainable development of Internet + renewable resources through the power of reform and promotion.



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