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A road builder for the reuse of waste steel – China Renewable Technology Co., Ltd

post time:2022-04-04

Scrap recycling, metal waste classification, environmental protection, integration of two networks, enterprise management… When these high-frequency words are accompanied by China recycling technology, we can't help but have doubts, can we? But it is zhongrenewable technology. He told the society with his actions. Because of his love and persistence, he devoted all his body and mind to the cause of environmental protection, making the living environment of human beings cleaner and greener, and making zhongrenewable technology a powerful link for people to live in harmony with nature. Looking back on the past, the growth history of China Renewable Technology Co., Ltd. is also the development history of the recycling and reuse industry of waste steel. Along the way, China Renewable Technology Co., Ltd. has witnessed the vicissitudes of this industry from extensive growth to fine development, from scattered to standardized.


In 2012, Li Zhiqiang, the founder of China renewable technology, accidentally learned the utilization value of scrap steel and became interested. Therefore, relying on the old metal market in Henan, he began to engage in the R & D and manufacturing of renewable metal equipment. At first, it was only used as scrap crusher. Later, with the expansion of scale, shredder products and shear equipment were put into operation one after another. When other enterprises are still doing offline sales, China renewable technology took the lead, began to carry out online sales on Alibaba, Huicong, scrap online and other platforms, and began to use ERP system (abbreviation of enterprise resource plan) to carry out data and coding management of recycled metal, which not only ensured the quality stability of products, but also laid a solid information foundation for the next integration of the two networks. Since entering the scrap crusher industry, Li Zhiqiang has worked hard and devoted all his possessions and energy to this cause that will benefit the present and the future. He once said that we should do environmental protection with revolutionary spirit, sacrifice spirit and environmental protection sentiment. Behind him, a group of people did not forget their original intention and continued to walk firmly on the road of environmental protection. Scrap crusher industry is a low-end and traditional industry in the eyes of ordinary people. The lack of professionals and strong mobility of management team are common problems in the industry. However, China renewable technology company has built a stable, harmonious and strong talent team through equity incentive. The team that can make noise will polish beautiful diamonds. Tian Qiang environmental protection has gathered a group of talented partners. Every time there are new ideas and ideas, a better scheme is formed through debate and repeated demonstration. The team holds regular product seminars after work every Tuesday and Thursday night. Colleagues in the technology department suggest developing new products from a technical perspective. Colleagues in the marketing department feedback that if the cost is too high, it may be difficult for the market and customers to accept. Colleagues in the finance department suggest that the accounting period and collection speed should be considered when developing products. There are often quarrels and debates in the conference room, but the results of brainstorming are surprisingly good. The best solution is often born in quarrels and debates.

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