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Renewable resources industry and transformation of economic development mode

post time:2022-04-04

Renewable resources industry is the commanding height of developing green economy in the region. Renewable resources industry can provide renewable raw materials to replace primary resources for industrial production, and can also directly provide renewable products for social life, and provide material basis and technology for resource conservation, development of circular economy and environmental protection. It is predicted that the proportion of renewable resources recycling in the global raw material supply will increase from the current 30% to 60 ~ 80% in 2030, and its industry will become a new economic growth point in many developed countries. In 2005, the annual output value of Germany's renewable resources industry was about 500 euros, creating more than 200000 opportunities, and the annual output value of the United States was US $2400, which was equivalent to the automobile manufacturing industry in the same period. Resource recycling is an important part of China's strategic emerging industry of environmental protection.


The renewable resources industry is labor-intensive, has strong absorption capacity and high industrial relevance, and is easy to integrate with the whole process of urbanization. The estimation shows that the output value of China's renewable resources industry can be arranged for 500 ~ 800 people. Many renewable resources enterprises in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other regions are mostly run by farmers. There is a strong demand to improve the living environment and lifestyle. The transfer of rural surplus labor force has been successfully realized through the construction and increase of small towns. Recycling of renewable resources involves the whole process of urban production, circulation, consumption and disposal. Its development is bound to play a good service function for the transformation of urban lifestyle and consumption concept, the improvement of urban production mode and the construction of ecological environment. It can be deeply integrated with the construction of new urbanization in China in terms of land, credit and other policies.

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