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Cable group buying China -recyling machine-Cable recycling m

post time:2022-03-30

In the coming 10 years, it will be the fast development time for metal recycling.85% waste mterial will be recycling till 2028 which include waste cable and waste wire. 
In response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, realization of green development and ecological civilization construction,Henan Recycling Technology Co.Ltd was sucessfully testing the new cable recycling machine.
The whole production line include feeding conveyor,cable crusher,output conveyor,magnetic system,gravity separation ,de-dust system, two output conveyor and control cabinet,The output separated copper and aluminum purity can be reached to 99%.


Working Flowchart: 
Raw material feeding into crusher,after times crushing to small pelletizer,the material drop into belt conveyor through the screen on the cable crusher,then separated copper and plastic on the gravity separator by the air and vibrication.the copper will comes out from the copper output and plastic (some cables with mixing material except the copper) comes out from plastic outlet.
During the separating system,the vibration screen is provided for purpose of clean separation,and this whole production line with de-dust system,withou dust pollution.
As we all know that there are many kinds of used cable cables that have been used or eliminated. The loss of copper and other by-products during the recycling process has not been overcome. The new  600-type cable recycling machine makes it more scientific, automated and dust-free. No secondary pollution, no impact on the environment, a combination of advanced technologies, reduced labor costs, improved production efficiency, can produce high economic benefits.
Annual processing capacity of more than 4,000 tons, to achieve comprehensive utilization of waste resources Maximize value.


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