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What are the human factors affecting the output of metal crusher

post time:2022-04-02

The understanding of metal crushers must be trained in place. As more and more users buy Metal crushers, some users are easy to pay no attention to the problems of people who work. As manufacturers, they have to focus on this topic again and again. First, after purchasing the metal crusher, the manufacturer will arrange technical personnel to install the equipment on site, and guide the people in charge to learn how to use it. The user manual provided by the manufacturer should be skilled and memorized. Remember to pay attention to it. In any material situation, the parts of the equipment shall be checked and the power switch shall be turned off. Only when the equipment is closed, the material enters the crushing chamber of the metal crusher to prevent accidents. When the metal crusher produced by China renewable technology is exposed, no matter what interruption and fault materials, the main power supply must be turned off first to prevent emergencies.


Human factors affecting the output of metal crusher:
1. Feeding method not according to regulations: when the user adds raw materials to the metal crusher, it will affect the output of the metal crusher if it is added too fast or too slowly.
2. Adjust the discharge volume of the metal crusher with any parameter: the discharge volume cannot be adjusted too fast or too slow. Too fast will make the machine load too large and affect the years of the machine storage time, and too slow will affect the output.
3. Adding raw materials to the edge of the distribution plate: when users use the metal crusher, they will add raw materials to the edge of the distribution plate, resulting in uneven raw materials entering the crushing cavity, which will also affect the output of the metal crusher.
4. Unstable maintenance equipment: users do not strictly follow the regulations in the process of application, and do not pay attention to maintenance and recuperation. Not only does the equipment rust and have mechanical failure, but also greatly reduces the working efficiency of the metal crusher, and then affects the output of the metal crusher.

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