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Customer revenue — the key “keyword” of ZZS

post time:2022-04-02

Profit, profit, sales volume… And so on. These seemingly "positive" words contain different meanings. For machinery manufacturers, this is the best. However, for customers, there is uncertainty. Does the manufacturer's profit represent the customer's profit? Does the manufacturer's profit represent the customer's profit?
With the development of resource recycling and circular economy, resource recycling equipment has become the "protagonist" in the industry. Therefore, many manufacturers see business opportunities, mass produce shredders, scrap crushers, copper rice machines and so on, and carry out various marketing means. However, in this "profit flying" market, many manufacturers often ignore the basic and essential thing – customer income. We can't forget that the customer is the fundamental and the customer income is an important factor depending on whether the manufacturer has long-term and steady development.


The supremacy of customer interests is the essence
Henan zhongrenewable Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of resource regeneration equipment integrating production and sales, has rich production experience. What makes zhongrenewable go steadily until now is that zhongrenewable has always put "customer interests" in the first place. Customers are our customers, but they are also investors. They also buy equipment for profit and want to continuously accumulate customer resources, First of all, we should ensure the income of customers. Under the premise of ensuring excellent product quality, we should meet various needs of customers and pursue the supremacy of customers' interests. Only in this way can the products have a market and the enterprise maintain its vitality forever.


How to ensure customer revenue
"Ensuring the interests of customers" is not just talking about it. In terms of customer income, China renewable technology is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the customer investment cost. If you want to obtain income, the investment cost is the key, which is related to the product price. Products with high price directly increase the customer investment cost, which will affect the income. Red star is a self-produced and self-selling manufacturer, and the price of products of the same quality is lower than that of dealers, The manufacturer doesn't have to worry about after-sales problems completely; The second is process design. The product itself is good and cheap. If the production process design is unreasonable, it will also affect the later production benefits of customers. Hongxing has many years of experience in this field. Some experts design a variety of production processes free of charge according to the actual situation of customers, so as to meet the needs of customers and achieve greater benefits.


Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.
Not only in the past, but also in the present and future, renewable technology will always adhere to the original intention, "focus on quality, take customers as the core", and take customer income as the key "keyword" of production and operation, so as to create a perfect service system and harmonious corporate culture and realize the Centennial dream.

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