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Promote the renewable resources industry to a new level: zzs has been working hard

post time:2022-04-04

At a time when the construction of the the Belt and Road in China is in full swing, many people in the industry are full of doubts and expectations about how the manufacturing industry and renewable resources industry can cope with the new situation. First of all, the whole industry is full of confusion about the future trend of the basic material industry after years of downturn and stagflation; Secondly, the restrictive policy on the import of waste materials that has been worried about is approaching more and more clearly. Where are many enterprises going and how do huge industrial groups achieve transformation and breakthrough? Many enterprises are confused about their future and the trend of the whole industry. This is an inevitable phenomenon that China's renewable resources industry and manufacturing industry have reached a historical turning point; At the same time, it is also the general anxiety brought by the adjustment of China's traditional industrial structure and the advent of the industrial 4.0 era. It is in this situation that all employees of China renewable technology have the same pain and worry, but we see further and think deeper. It is precisely because we have been running in the traditional manufacturing industry and renewable resources industry for some time, so we have a deeper understanding of the problems and our feelings than some enterprises. Because this renewable technology was born when the market economy was initially established, and has been growing up under the changing social transformation and constantly updated market climate, including the social form experienced in our study and job selection process is quite different from the past, and we have been influenced by new ideas, new ideas and new environment; Pursuing novelty and constantly surpassing is a new gene in our blood. We are a group of people with strength and prospects in the innovation of the whole society.


Over the years, we have been pursuing the modernization of processing equipment in renewable resources industry, and many enterprises have also made great efforts for it. However, although the renewable resources processing equipment produced in China has made significant progress over the past, at some exhibitions at home and abroad, we still clearly feel that there is still a large gap between China's equipment and foreign countries. This gap is reflected in all aspects. First, the hydraulic system of renewable resources processing equipment is the heart part of the whole equipment, and the electrical part is its brain system, which is a very key thing, However, there is still a certain gap in the overall level of equipment manufacturing in China, which shows that after some equipment has been used for a period of time, it is either leaking here or leaking there. Although the use environment of these equipment is relatively rough, these problems can not be properly solved, which not only brings a lot of trouble to users, but also poses a great burden on the maintenance of manufacturers; Another is that the quality and performance of the motor system equipped in China is not a grade compared with that of its counterparts in foreign advanced countries; In the appearance design of the equipment, it is more obvious that the equipment manufacturing in China is crude and the design concept is old. These are major issues that need to be solved one by one on the way forward. Of course, on the way to becoming a manufacturing power, we are desperately catching up. In May 2015, the Chinese version of "industry 4.0" plan – "made in China 2025" was announced, which defined 9 strategic tasks and broke through 10 high-end fields; I have seen the industrial foundation strengthening project, green manufacturing project, manufacturing innovation center construction project, intelligent manufacturing project and high-end equipment innovation project proposed above, which are closely related to improving China's equipment manufacturing level. I also feel particularly excited. As the saying goes: "without accumulation of small streams, there is no river and sea, and without accumulation of small steps, there is no even a thousand miles". At present, what we need to do is to start from the reality of the industry and solve the problems in the breakthrough of weak links in current equipment manufacturing.

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