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Further promote the “integration of two modernizations” and create new advantages

post time:2022-04-04

"Integration of industrialization and industrialization" refers to the process of combining industrial production with the application of information technology, that is, through the wide application of information technology and the transformation of traditional industries, promote enterprises to focus on the development of high value-added industrial chain links such as R & D, design, sales and management, so as to realize the agglomeration of high-end industrial links and the rapid growth of industries. China's economic development is inseparable from the help of manufacturing industry, which is also the main reason why China can become the second largest economic system. Its industrial added value has always accounted for more than one third of GDP, so it has become an important driving force for China's economic development. In the next ten years, the manufacturing industry will still play the role of the locomotive of economic development. Therefore, the integration of "two modernizations" in the manufacturing industry naturally becomes the key point of the integration of "two modernizations". At the same time, the integration of "two modernizations" in the manufacturing industry will also drive and promote the integration of "two modernizations" in the industrial national economy. How to realize the integration of "two modernizations" in manufacturing industry and how to choose the way to realize it have become the concern of all parties. On March 5, in order to promote relevant enterprises in the industrial zone to successfully carry out the standard implementation of the integrated management system of the two modernizations, the leaders in charge of the County Bureau of industry and information technology and their delegation came to China renewable technology company to have an in-depth inquiry and pulse of the enterprise, understand the current information resources of the enterprise, as well as the problems, bottlenecks and progress of the enterprise in the process of standard implementation, so as to provide advice for the enterprise to effectively carry out the integrated standard implementation of the two modernizations. Increase the level of intelligent manufacturing. Guide enterprises to learn the advanced experience of Internet construction and promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy.


For a long time, machinery manufacturing enterprises are facing the pressure of de capacity and de leverage. Seizing the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, Henan zhongrenewable technology company has explored a road of digital production. In the main control room of China recycling technology workshop, the staff realized the fine management of scrap crusher production through the equipment control system. Li Zhiqiang, chairman of China renewable technology: "in this system, you can see the operation status of each equipment. You can see some green, some red and some yellow. The production management personnel can know by looking at the logo. This equipment is empty and can be arranged to live. If the equipment is faulty, I can repair it in time." On the conference screen, the employee Zhang Xiyang is entering the data information of quality inspection into the system for registration. Just tap the keyboard gently, and the inspection qualification information of each product part will appear on the display screen. The reason why it can be so convenient depends on this set of manufacturing operation management system (MOM). "In the past, the raw material inspection application will output an inspection application form. When applying for inspection, the standards and requirements will be written on the inspection application form, as well as the judgment. Now after the mom system is installed, as long as the information is received, the standards and judgments in the mom system can be directly output in electronic form. A lot of time is omitted, which can improve the efficiency by about half." Zhang Xiyang introduced to the leaders of the Bureau of industry and information technology.The penetration and expansibility of information technology are very strong. Nowadays, a variety of information technologies have been integrated into products and equipment. Information technology and other high and new technologies are developing rapidly and emerging one after another. The products and equipment of the manufacturing industry absorb these technologies more and more, and the product level is increasing. Products and equipment are embedded with chips, sensors and controllers, combined with laser technology and network technology, so that products and equipment have the functions of perception, decision-making, optimization, self diagnosis and self-learning, and become digital and intelligent products. This trend is getting better and better. The intellectualization of equipment has gradually made it an intelligent production tool for various industrial departments. Marx brilliantly pointed out: "the difference between various economic times lies not in what to produce, but in how to produce and what means of labor to produce." With the widespread use of intelligent production tools, the integration of "two modernizations" in manufacturing industry will accelerate the pace of entering the intelligent era.

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