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Wisdom makes resources regenerate. Visit the headquarters of Henan zzs

post time:2022-04-04

"In China Renewable Technology Corporation, we take it as our duty to regenerate the wisdom of resources," wisdom "represents expertise, skills and technology," wisdom "represents Huigen, ideas and ideas. China renewable technology corporation is a renewable resource enterprise," regeneration "is our response to the environment, society and mankind, undertake social responsibility, and make" limited resources, renewable '. " Talking about the corporate mission of Henan zhongrenewable technology company, President Li Zhiqiang talked with confidence. Modern industry starts from the city, industrial products are consumed in the city, waste products and garbage are constantly produced in this cycle, and rich reuse resources are contained in it. "The city is the melting pot of resources." Li Zhiqiang told reporters that China renewable technology regards urban waste as inexhaustible "mine resources", takes the development of "urban mines" as its mission, realizes resource conservation, environmental protection and ecological development, and makes continuous contributions to promoting the construction of waste free cities.


"Internet +" of renewable resources
Henan zhongrenewable Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet high-tech enterprise in the recycling industry. Its main business is the comprehensive recycling of the recycling industry, including the storage, processing and distribution of renewable resources, urban comprehensive recycling, Internet research and development, recycling industry technology research and other sectors. China renewable technology introduces advanced technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of things into the traditional renewable resources industry. With the strategic goal of "one city, one mine", China renewable technology strives to build a complete supply chain from the source of waste to resource recyclers. The prosperity of China renewable technology industry is rising, and accelerating innovation is the key. Make use of the advantages of the Internet and big data to make resource recycling interactive and interconnected. For enterprises, bid farewell to the previous extensive growth competitive format, deeply integrate with emerging industries and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, take resource recycling as their own responsibility, commit to green technology and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature; China renewable technology has a complete range of equipment for resource recycling, which can realize industrial chain coordination. Resource recycling equipment involves multiple recycling industrial chains, such as waste steel, scrap car recycling and disassembly, hazardous waste treatment, waste plastic reuse, waste copper aluminum non-ferrous metal reuse, waste tire reuse, forming a complete industrial chain of cutting, packaging, crushing and sorting. By building an industrial closed loop, giving play to the advantages of economies of scale, improving the continuity and integrity of renewable resource treatment projects, further improving the competitiveness of the company, guiding industrial upgrading, accelerating industrial reshuffle, and making resource recycling enterprises develop towards standardization, modernization and scale. At present, for more than 30 years, the company has focused on the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of environmental protection equipment. Its business covers five sectors: scrap steel processing, scrapped vehicle disassembly, non-ferrous metal processing and sorting, comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection. The main products include scrap steel crushing production line, scrap automobile disassembly production line, non-ferrous metal intelligent sorting production line, waste household appliances disassembly and sorting production line, waste plastic crushing and sorting production line, etc. Among them, the market share of large scrap crushing production line, scrapped automobile disassembly line and non-ferrous metal sorting production line is leading in China.

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