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Fracture properties of broken material in copper aluminum water tank

post time:2022-04-02

According to the different fracture mechanism, the fracture of copper aluminum water tank crushing material can be divided into two categories: brittle fracture and plastic fracture. On a macro scale, Brittle fracture refers to the phenomenon that the broken material of copper aluminum water tank suddenly breaks when there is no macro deformation (plastic deformation is less than). Brittle copper aluminum water tank broken material is common (the elongation is less than that of ceramics, glass, rock, etc. under the action of small stress. Plastic fracture refers to the fracture of materials after large plastic deformation. Common fractures are those of bremsstrahlung copper aluminum water tank crushing materials such as metal and composite copper aluminum water tank crushing materials. For brittle fracture, there is almost no plastic deformation in the process of crack propagation, and it will expand rapidly once a crack occurs Exhibition. For the initial fracture, while the crack propagates, there is a large plastic deformation at the crack tip. The crack propagation can only be carried out with the energy provided by the external load, so these characteristics should be paid attention to when using the copper aluminum water tank crusher.


From the micro and micro scale, the structure of the broken material of copper aluminum water tank splits when it is brittle fracture, and gathers into microcracks between or through the grains. After that, the microcracks develop and converge into macro cracks. The plastic fracture shows two different phenomena: first, the matrix of the broken material of copper aluminum water tank, which is easy to deform, first produces plastic flow around the impurities (or second phase particles) with high stiffness, and then causes the nucleation of micropores, which destroys the interface between the matrix and impurities or breaks the impurities themselves to form holes. With the increase of deformation, the holes become uneven, resulting in the formation of new holes, The final holes aggregate to form macro cracks; Second, the fracture surface of plastic fracture is full of many small shear planes, and a small number of small holes are distributed on the shear fracture surface. At the same time, the phenomenon of hole aggregation is not observed. Scholars believe that this kind of fracture is due to the dislocation movement being blocked by impurities or two-phase particles, resulting in the formation of micro shear bands. With the continuous increase of shear stress, the micro shear bands develop into micro cracks at the grain boundary and eventually aggregate into macro cracks.

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