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ZZS copper aluminum water tank crushing and sorting production line launched a heavy attack

post time:2022-04-02

The automatic copper aluminum water tank treatment production line announced that manual disassembly will become history. With the increasing popularity of new processes and new equipment to treat copper aluminum water tanks, manual disassembly of copper aluminum water tanks will be phased out. In recent years, restricted by the speed of manual disassembly, the speed of dismantling copper aluminum water tank has been seriously affected, and the disassembly yard is in a semi shutdown state. In order to ensure normal operation, some dismantling yards began to use machines to break copper aluminum water tanks, especially in Japan and other South Asian regions. Since the import of "waste class VII" is not allowed, copper aluminum water tanks and copper strip radiators are required to be digested in China. In view of the high cost and low efficiency of manual production, they have been upgraded to full-automatic processing equipment since this year. The medium regeneration crushing copper aluminum water tank production line is selected, which requires less workers, and generally 4-5 people can operate normally.


Features of copper aluminum water tank crushing separator: 1. High degree of equipment automation, whole process PLC control, intelligent section, 2. High efficiency and high production capacity. It is more than 10 times more efficient than the whole disassembly. 3. The equipment assembly line is convenient for transportation and installation. Easy to maintain and repair. 4. Change the "disadvantages" existing in the traditional production line. 5. The electrical part of the motor adopts the national standard brand.
The copper aluminum water tank separator of China renewable technology has greatly improved its production efficiency. More importantly, its separation rate can reach more than 99.8%. It adopts single pass crushing processing, optimizes the structural design of the crusher, greatly reduces the generation of copper aluminum powder in the crushing process, and effectively controls the copper aluminum loss rate. Therefore, once it is launched, it has been sought after by customers and has been exported to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other places, It has become an ideal equipment for recycling and processing of air conditioning radiators.The treatment of medium recycled copper aluminum water tank has high degree of automation, compact structure, sorting can reach more than 99.8, and the production capacity is unmatched by the production lines of other manufacturers. In view of the confusion in the domestic market, China renewable technology welcomes users and friends to visit the enterprise on the spot. At the same time, peers are not allowed to observe it, so as to create a clean business environment in the market.

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